Life Signatures

Balancing the Individual Energy Field


Life Signatures are representations of the etheric energy movements of the organs of the body, or the meridians of the organs. Indeed, each organ has one or more functions. Each function is “directed” by an etheric energy having its source at the level of the physical, emotional, mental or divine dimensions. When energy encounters a blockage, it stagnates and this creates discomfort, pain, and illness. We find the same principles in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Reiki, Lotus Care, magnetism etc…

What happens during a session ?
It begins with an exchange to clarify the objectives. The practitioner can also ask you more specific questions in order to best adapt the procedure.
Following the exchange,

  • The practitioner will find out which chakra is unbalanced, possibly impacting other chakras.
  • and see if the problem has its source in the physical, emotional, mental or in subtle energy.
  • Then the practitioner will determine where the Signatures of Life allow the affected part of the body to be balanced,
  • and will carry out energy harmonization.
  • Once the resonance between the Life Signatures has been established, the person will leave with a support containing their personalized Life Signatures.
  • The practitioner will suggest that the person make a follow-up appointment in one to 3 weeks.

  Note: the practitioner does not need to touch the person physically during the session.

How many sessions?
This question is always difficult to answer because every individual is different. For a problem this should normally not exceed 5 sessions.

What are the duration and cost of a session?
Between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes, at $60.

Face-to-face or remote sessions, what’s changing?
Sessions can be done in person or remote, by ZOOM or WhatsApp . For a remote session, you will first need to send a photo. If the person needs a support containing the personalized Life Signatures, it will be sent to them by post for an additional $5.

Other questions ?
Do not hesitate to contact me !

Life Geometry and Life Signatures are not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment, but environmental support for the body's energy system and all kinds of treatments. Life Geometry and Life Signatures should in no case replace professional medical treatment.